A guided programme to help you achieve your goals

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Be inspired throughout this virtual programme as speaker, coach and educator, Andy Fell, shares insights into how you can transform your life and achieve your goals, one step at a time. 

What Winners Do

Participants of the What Winners Do program will learn:

- A series of winning habits, routines and practices to ‘win the day’ - everyday.
- An understanding of the ‘4M’ process and the 'A frame for success’.
- A framework to set, track and achieve big goals.
- A visual representation of who they are, what really matters and why.
- A process to remove interference and what’s getting in the way.
- Strategies to flood the subconscious mind with positive thoughts and feelings.
- An action plan to embed learning.

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"The What Winners Do programme certainly lives up to its name... I now have a road map to follow that will help me design the life I want and the skills to help me get out of my own way. Truly the best self development programme I’ve done."

Sharon Lawson, New Zealand

"Since completing the recent cohort of ‘What Winners Do’ it has enhanced my overall effectiveness & added to my winning edge... The ‘Power of 10’ - A very fluid system taught to me by Andy - helped me define my 1 true purpose, setting 3 goals & 6 actions that are continually being achieved and replaced."

Simone Hall, United Kingdom

"The inspirational, extraordinary, generous Andy Fell has shared his brilliance through his 'What Winners Do' weekly program. It's connected me with talented, motivated people from all over the world... I can't recommend it highly enough..."

Bec Ninness, NSW, Australia